Personalized Maid Counselling Session

Not just your ordinary maid agency, but also your compassionate mediator

A counselling service provided by a maid agency can be a valuable and supportive component towards a customer’s overall maid hiring journey. The objective of such counselling services is to assist both employers and housemaid in adapting to their roles, fostering positive relationships, and addressing any challenges that may arise during the employment period. 


At Innovedge, we care truly about the relationship between you and your housemaid. We do not aim solely to pair you with the housemaid of your choice, but we pledge to do our best in ensuring a stable yet meaningful connection for both parties in the long-run. 


As Malaysia’s longest-standing and with our industry experience, we understand that it is normal for conflicts to arise in the beginning of most employments. Which is why our team is committed to resolving any issues that may arise with your housemaid. Here is a brief summary on what our counselling services may entail: 


Pre-Employment Counselling: 

For employers- Provide guidance and recommendations on the responsibilities of hiring a housemaid, its legal requirements, and cultural considerations. This enables employers to have a more realistic expectations on their journey of having a housemaid. 

For domestic workers- Innovedge will offer information on the cultural norms and expectations of working in Malaysia to the maids. This allows the maid to have a clearer understanding of employer’s expectations before moving into a new environment.



Post-Employment Conflict Resolution: 

In the unfortunate event where a conflict between the employer and the maid arises, Innovedge acts as a mediator for both parties, providing counselling services to address conflicts. This includes facilitating communication between employers and domestic workers, offering conflict resolution strategies, amending any misunderstandings between both parties hoping to promote a harmonious working environment. 



Regular Check-Ins: 

Our team at Innovedge may schedule regular check-ins with the employers ensuring that his/her relationship with the maid is smooth-sailing. By accessing the relationship, this proactive approach can help identify and resolve issues before they escalate. 


For over 20 years, we understand that the bond between an employer and housemaid is a unique and cherished one. It goes beyond the duties outlined in a contract; it is built on mutual respect, trust and compassion. Choosing Innovedge as your maid agency will be an invaluable investment in your maid employment journey. We are committed to ensuring that your experience with your housemaid is not just a professional arrangement but a heartfelt connection that enriches both your lives.

We believe every household needs a helping hand. As a top-tier maid agency, we strive to pair the right domestic helper with the right home.

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View biodatas that are comprehensive and strictly selected with a video interview of each helper.

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