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Your Child's Wellbeing, Taken Care By The Maids From Innovedge

At Innovedge, we recognize that finding trustworthy and reliable childcare is a top priority for parents. Fortunately, we provide maids that are well qualified to provide peace of mind to families by offering professional and nurturing care for their children. Choose us as your domestic recruiting partner to hire the best maid for your child, someone that is caring and diligent. 

No More Neglecting Childcare With Our Maids

Families in Malaysia have several options for raising their priceless children. Using nursery facilities, employing babysitters, or giving caregiving duties to retired grandparents are among options. But for families who are able to pay for it, hiring a foreign domestic maid is frequently the preferable option because it guarantees that kids will receive thorough care and attention even when their parents are fully occupied with work.


It is undeniably important to protect children’s welfare, but it is just as important to give carers chosen for this duty confidence. This is particularly important to keep in mind while hiring a foreign maid to take care of the kids. Prospective employers can take particular measures to choose the best carer in order to guarantee a smooth and secure process.


What Can Our Maids Offer?

Child Supervision and Safety

  • Supervising children at all times to ensure their safety and well-being
  • Implementing age-appropriate safety measures and childproofing techniques within the home
  • Monitoring children during playtime, meals, and other activities to prevent accidents and injuries

Daily Routine And Activities

  •  Establishing a structured daily routine that includes playtime, learning activities, meals, and rest periods

Nutrition and Meal Preparation

  • Planning and preparing nutritious meals and snacks for children based on their dietary preferences and requirements
  • Ensuring that meals are served on time and encouraging healthy eating habits
  • Monitoring food allergies or special dietary restrictions and accommodating them accordingly

Communication With Parents

  • Maintaining open and transparent communication with parents regarding their child’s daily activities, progress, and any concerns or issues that may arise
  • Providing regular updates and feedback to parents to keep them informed and involved in their child’s care
  • Collaborating with parents to establish clear expectations, preferences, and goals for their child’s care and development

Our Maids Provide:

Infant Care

  • Specialized care for newborns and infants, ensuring they receive the attention and care they need during their early development stages. Most of our maids from the Philippines and Indonesia do carry experience with infant care.

Toddler Care

  • Engaging and educational activities for toddlers to stimulate their growth and learning in a safe and fun environment. Most of our maids from the Philippines and Indonesia do carry experience with toddler care.

School-Age Children

  • Assistance with homework, school projects, and extracurricular activities to support your child’s academic and personal development. Most of our maids from the Philippines and Indonesia do carry experience with taking care of children at school-age. 

Special Needs Care

  • Personalized care plans for children with special needs, providing the support and attention they require.
  • Some clients of ours do specifically request for maids with experienced in taking care of children where we do provide maids with such experience and skillset.

We believe our team is the right fit to assist you finding the perfect maid for your lovely children at home. Contact us today for a free consultation!

We believe every household needs a helping hand. As a top-tier maid agency, we strive to pair the right domestic helper with the right home.

Reasons To Choose Us:

Industry Experts

With over 20 years of experience in the maid industry, Innovedge possess a competitive edge in the market in ensuring you find your preferred domestic helper. 

Foreign Establishment

Innovedge has solid partnerships with the Indonesian and Philippines embassy for many years, ensuring that the process will be conducted with professionalism and reliability. 

Local Establishment

Innovedge Maid Agency has been recognized and trusted by many Malaysians since 2002. We have served more than 10,000+ clients and delivered exceptional results consistently throughout. 

Quality Selection Process

We understand the importance of compatibility. At Innovedge, our maids have been well screened and trained to meet each of your household standards.

Wide Range Of Choices

As Malaysia’s largest recruitment group for maids, we offer a huge range of maid biodata, both Indonesian and Filipino Maids, uploaded daily on our website for your selection.

24/7 Customer Care

Our team at Innovedge is dedicated in guiding you through this lengthy process. Whatever doubts or queries you might have, we will do our best to solve them.

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View biodatas that are comprehensive and strictly selected with a video interview of each helper.

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