Application of Check-Out Memo & Special Pass

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As an employer to your housemaid, you have to make sure that when the time comes, whether upon completion or termination of the employment contract, that documents such as Check-Out MEMO (COM), Special Pass (SP) or even an Overstay Compound must be obtained from the Malaysian Immigration. 


Such processes might be overly complicated and time consuming for most customers, which is why at Innovedge we offer the complete package on all Immigration related services for you once you have selected us as your housemaid’s partnered agency. 


Why must I apply for a Check-Out MEMO (COM)? 

An official Check-Out MEMO (COM) for your maid after her employment will ensure that your maid can be deported to her origin country legally and without no uncleared records. The main purpose of obtaining a COM is to avoid blacklisting by the Malaysian Immigration against the labour visa holders, in this case, the housemaid. A COM certifies that the maid’s employment records are removed. 


What is a Special Pass? 

Some employers might have missed the work permit renewal deadline for their housemaid and they might need additional time to adhere with the requirements of the permit renewal. When this happens, a special pass can be applied and obtained to extend your housemaid’s work permit beyond their existing permit. Although this is only a temporary visa for your maid, this might be beneficial in situations when additional time is required to process renewal of other documents. 


There is no doubt that maintaining a maid’s legal status can be a complicated process as the Malaysian Immigration has tighten regulations for domestic worker’s wellbeing. Despite that, employers that have engaged Innovedge as their maid agency do not have to worry much as we always strive to ensure complete documentation in a timely manner. Interested in our complete immigration related services for your housemaid? Feel free to reach out to us for a quick consultation! 

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