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With a population of more than 25 million people in Penang, there is a large number of family households today on the island. If you’re someone living in Penang and is searching for Penang maid agency for your domestic household needs, Innovedge Maid Agency is the right place for you. Recognized by many as Malaysia’s leading maid agency today, we are a recruitment group that offers a huge range of maid services across all of Malaysia, including Penang. From 2002, our team has grew in size and experience as we have achieved multiple noteworthy milestones as a maid agency. 


Our maid agency provides a wide range of maid services that are specifically designed to fit into the busy schedules of our affluent customers, making us a shining example of efficiency as a maid agency in a city where time is of the essence. We ensure that the maids provided by us are well-experienced and possess good character, making sure to handle every home requirement with care and accuracy. 


Since 2002, we have been serving clients from Penang, providing them with maids and assisting them with other services. Today, our huge clientele pool consists a large amount of Penang resident and we are proud to announce that majority of them have been satisfied with our performance and quality. 


But.. but your office is in Selangor! 


Don’t worry! Despite having our headquarters in Selangor, Innovedge provides thorough, individualised virtual meetings, calls for any of your inquiries, and transportation services for the delivery of maids. Our crew is committed to providing you with the most effective maid services in Malaysia, regardless of your location, since we value quality and trust above all else. Our goal is to provide you with a positive-minded maid that will assist you with all your home requirements.


If you live in Penang and would want to learn more about our services, call us to schedule a consultation. Alternatively, you can also take a look at our services below.

We believe every household needs a helping hand. As a top-tier maid agency, we strive to pair the right domestic helper with the right home.

Our Services- Maid Agency Penang

Hiring & Processing Of Live-in Housemaids Services for clients in Penang

Our agency offers comprehensive paperwork services and facilitates arrangements in the maid's home country without the need for any of your worries. It is our mission to streamline the hiring process for your housemaid, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish so that your household in Penang can be once again clean and harmonious.

Visa/Work Permit, POEA/Embassy Work Contract & Passport RENEWAL services

Our agency services package include the arrangement of hassle-free housemaid visa application and work permit renewal services, ensuring continuous legal compliance and peace of mind for employers in Penang.

Check-Out Memo (COM), Special Pass (SP), Overstay Compound And Other Immigration Related Services

We provide professional services related to relevant documents such as Check-Out Memo (COM), Special Pass (SP), Overstay Compound, and other immigration-related services to ensure smooth resolution and compliance with legal requirements for your housemaid’s employment.

FOMEMA Medical, Insurance & SOCSO Services

Our team will handle the housemaid’s FOMEMA medical examinations, insurance coverage, and SOCSO registration, ensuring the well-being and legal compliance of both employers and domestic helpers for a smooth employment.

Housemaid Vacation / OEC / Repatriation / Airport Departure Services

We understand that employers can be busy which is why we provide reliable and seamless housemaid repatriation and airport departure services, ensuring a smooth transition and safe return for domestic helpers to their home countries. We also provide transportation services for the delivery of your maid if you are living in Penang.

Counselling & Crisis Management Services

During employment, it is normal for problems or conflicts to arise. Innovedge Maid agency offers compassionate and effective housemaid counselling and crisis management services with a neutral standpoint, providing support and guidance to both employers and domestic helpers during challenging situations.

Maids for Children Care

Our agency which serves clients in Penang specializes in providing exceptional housemaid services tailored specifically for children's care, ensuring a nurturing and safe environment for their well-being and development.

Maids For Elderly Care

Our agency which serves clients in Penang offers dedicated housemaid services for elderly care, providing compassionate support and assistance to ensure the comfort and well-being of your loved ones in their golden years.

General Household Cleaning

We offer maids who are well-experienced and with a positive attitude to carry out daily chores, ensuring your household’s cleanliness and order.

FAQs For Penang Maid Agency

The contract period for the employment period is 2 years. 

The waiting period to get a housemaid typically depends on various factors such as availability, visa processing time, and specific requirements. Typical house maid placement takes at least 2-3 months upon confirmation of the candidate. Although some may take longer due to unforeseen circumstances. However, as a professional maid agency in Malaysia, we do our best to ensure a speedy hiring process.

The procedure to hire a housemaid involves a lengthy process made simple by Innovedge Maid Agency. The process includes consultation to understand your needs, selection of suitable candidates, paperwork processing, visa arrangements, and finalizing the employment contract, all of which our agency will guide you through to ensure a smooth and efficient hiring process for your desired housemaid.

A maid can work for you for the duration of two years as agreed in the work contract, however renewable upon mutual agreement between the employer and the maid.

As an employer, your responsibilities toward a housemaid typically include providing a safe and healthy working environment, timely payment of wages, adherence to legal employment regulations, provision of food and accommodation as agreed upon, ensuring access to medical care when needed, and treating the housemaid with respect and dignity. Additionally, you may be responsible for facilitating any necessary paperwork, such as visas and work permits, and providing guidance and support to the housemaid as needed.

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View biodatas that are comprehensive and strictly selected with a video interview of each helper.

View biodatas that are comprehensive and strictly selected with a video interview of each helper.

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