The Cost of Hiring a Maid in Malaysia: A Comprehensive Guide by Innovedge

The Cost of Hiring a Maid in Malaysia: A Comprehensive Guide by Innovedge

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Hiring a maid can significantly ease the burden of household chores, allowing you more time to focus on work, family, and personal activities. If you’re considering hiring a maid in Malaysia, understanding the costs involved is crucial. In this blog, we’ll break down the various expenses associated with hiring a maid through a maid agency, helping you make an informed decision.

Understanding the Cost Breakdown

1. Initial Placement Fees

When hiring a maid through a maid agency in Malaysia, the initial placement fee is one of the primary costs. This fee typically covers:

  • Recruitment Costs: Expenses incurred by the agency to recruit the maid, including advertising, interviews, and selection processes.
  • Documentation Fees: Costs for processing the necessary work permits, visas, and other legal documents.
  • Training: Some agencies provide training for maids to ensure they meet certain standards before being placed in your home.

The initial placement fee charged by maid agencies in Malaysia can range from RM 12,000 to RM 18,000, depending on the agency and the maid’s country of origin.

2. Monthly Salary

The monthly salary of a maid in Malaysia varies based on experience, skills, and nationality. On average, you can expect to pay:

  • Indonesian Maid: RM 1,500
  • Filipino Maid: RM 1,800

3. Levy and Other Government Fees

Employers are required to pay a yearly levy for hiring a foreign maid, which is RM 610 per year. Additionally, there may be other government-related fees such as medical check-ups, insurance, and visa renewals, which can add up to around RM 1,500 to RM 2,000 annually.

4. Insurance

It is mandatory to purchase insurance for your maid, covering personal accident, hospitalization, and repatriation. The cost of a comprehensive insurance package ranges from RM 300 to RM 500 per year.

5. Additional Costs

Occasionally, you may encounter additional costs such as:

  • Medical Expenses: Unplanned medical expenses not covered by insurance.
  • Travel Expenses: If the maid returns to her home country for holidays or emergencies, you may need to cover travel costs.
  • Agency Fees: Some agencies charge ongoing fees for managing the employment relationship and providing support services such as counselling services.


Hiring a maid in Malaysia involves several costs, from placement fees to monthly salaries and additional expenses. By understanding these costs and planning accordingly, you can make a well-informed decision that fits your budget and meets your household needs. So how much exactly should you allocate as a budget for hiring a maid in Malaysia? Well, the rough estimate would be a figure around RM20,000 to RM22,000 for a legal housemaid.

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