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Elevate Your Home With Our Maids

Elevate your home’s cleanliness with our top-tier maid services. Our skilled maids are dedicated to delivering superior cleaning, from everyday tidying to thorough deep cleans. With attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, our maids ensure your home stays immaculate and inviting.  Our clients across Malaysia have been satisfied with the maids that have been provided to them for general household management. 


From basic cleaning to cooking and pet-care, we offer a wide range of maid candidate for your selection based on your preference! 

our mission 


As of 2024, there are approximately more than 320,000 foreign maids in Malaysia working under Malaysian households. A majority of them are employed for the purpose of basic household tasks such as cleaning and cooking. We believe that maids play a pivotal role in ensuring the tidiness and comfortableness of a household. 

As a maid agency, all of our maids have been hand-picked by us after thorough consideration of their backgrounds, employment histories, and educational backgrounds. Certainly, most of them have experience of general household cleaning and cooking. With our maids, you can expect a pristine household. Our experienced maids use the best techniques and products to keep your home in top condition, delivering flawless results consistently.

Our maids offer:

Basic Cleaning

Innovedge has found success in supplying maids from Indonesia and Philippines that are experienced in general cleaning for households.


Our maids are also well-trained to carry out day-to-day household chores such as ironing of clothes, watering plants and more.


We provide maids to employers who need someone to look after their pets, especially dogs or cats. However, this might be a sensitive topic due to religion which is why it is important for you to select and communicate well with your desired helper!


Most employers would want a maid that does not only know how to clean, but cook well too. This bonus trait of a maid can be found in our maids from Innovedge as we do have a number of maids who cook delicious meals well. However, it is also necessary to keep in mind that although some maids do not how to cook according to your taste and preference, they are always willing to learn. All it takes is just a little communication!

In the hectic pace of contemporary life, when time is sometimes a limited commodity, maids’ vital role in delivering general cleaning services shines as a light of relief and efficiency. As Malaysia’s leading maid agency, our maids provide a refuge of cleanliness and order despite the bustle of everyday activities, converting messy places into peaceful havens.


Imagine arriving home after a hard day’s work and being welcomed not by the confusion of scattered possessions, but by the perfect peace that only a thoroughly cleaned environment can bring. This is the promise kept by our hardworking hands of maid services, who work diligently to keep every nook and corner of your home impeccably clean.

Indeed, the value of maid services goes well beyond the comfort of a clean house; it demonstrates the pursuit of quality and appreciation for the better things in life. So, let Innovedge Maid Agency provide you with maids who are dedicated to ensuring a clean and stress-free home for you.


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Reasons To Choose Us:

Industry Experts

With over 20 years of experience in the maid industry, Innovedge possess a competitive edge in the market in ensuring you find your preferred domestic helper. 

Foreign Establishment

Innovedge has solid partnerships with the Indonesian and Philippines embassy for many years, ensuring that the process will be conducted with professionalism and reliability. 

Local Establishment

Innovedge Maid Agency has been recognized and trusted by many Malaysians since 2002. We have served more than 10,000+ clients and delivered exceptional results consistently throughout. 

Quality Selection Process

We understand the importance of compatibility. At Innovedge, our maids have been well screened and trained to meet each of your household standards.

Wide Range Of Choices

As Malaysia’s largest recruitment group for maids, we offer a huge range of maid biodata, both Indonesian and Filipino Maids, uploaded daily on our website for your selection.

24/7 Customer Care

Our team at Innovedge is dedicated in guiding you through this lengthy process. Whatever doubts or queries you might have, we will do our best to solve them.

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View biodatas that are comprehensive and strictly selected with a video interview of each helper.

View biodatas that are comprehensive and strictly selected with a video interview of each helper.

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