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Yes. INNOVEDGE is a legal and fully licensed agency in Malaysia

INNOVEDGE was established in 2002, and now with more than 20 years of experience.

INNOVEDGE is a fully licensed and established agency that provided reliable and professional services all its clients.

About Housemaid Hiring Process

The medical will take about 3-4 week including the biometric process and also waiting for the biometric medical certificate. However, if the housemaid has some pending in her medical, it may take longer

If the housemaid failed her medical, the agency will inform the employer and the employer will need to select a new candidate

The process will take at least 2-3 months upon confirmation of the candidate to process. The time frame depends on many factors so the process time is very subjective.

The following are the steps to hire a housemaid:

  1. Selection of candidates
  2. Deposit payment upon confirmation of candidate
  3. Employer to send Job Offer for housemaid to sign back
  4. Selected housemaid will proceed for passport and medical
  5. In the meantime, employer to sign all forms and prepare documents required by the immigration
  6. Once all documents complete from housemaid and employer, agency will submit application to Immigration
  7. After getting approval from Immigration, agency will process the work contract at the embassy
  8. Then the housemaid will comply all requirements in her country before her flight to Malaysia.

If the housemaid decided to cancel her application to Malaysia, the agency will inform the employer with proper cancellation letter from the housemaid. The employer will be required to select a new candidate to process.

Upon arrival to Malaysia, the agency will settle the airport clearance for her and arrange her to stay in the accommodation. The agency will then register her FOMEMA medical and arrange her medical check-up at the clinic. Once the housemaid is ready, the agency will hand over the housemaid to the employer.

The housemaid can start her work after 3-5 working days after she arrived in Malaysia.

The salary of the housemaid is started on the day she landed in Malaysia.

About Agency’s Responsibilities

If the housemaid cannot pass her FOMEMA medical in Malaysia, the agency will arrange an appeal and the appeal success rate depends on the type of medical problems. If the appeal is successful, the agency will get the work permit. If the appeal is unsuccessful, the employer will have to return the housemaid to the agency for repatriation arrangement.

The warranty given by the agency is 3 months, which covers medical, performance and runaway

The employer need to contact the agency immediately and discuss about the matter. The agency will then arrange a counselling session as soon as possible.

The employer need to ledge a police report and send it to the agency. The agency will then inform the foreign agency and the family of the housemaid, and also report to the authority.

About Immigration Requirements for Employer

The 2 main things that the Immigration concern will be the active income of the employer and also the reason to hire the housemaid. The reasons accepted by the Immigration will be to do household work for big house, to take care of young children and to take care of elderly or sick patients. Please contact the agency for an up-to-date check list of the Immigration.

The approval from the Immigration will take from 2 weeks to 6 weeks. It may take longer if there are some unexpected problems.

The employer can renew the work permit on his own through MYEG or engage the service of the agency to do it.

The agency will inform the employer the reason of reject and discuss with the employer so that the application can be re-submitted again.

About Responsibilities as an Employer

As an employer, you should not do the following:

  • Abuse or mistreat your maid.
  • Failure to pay salary to your maid.
  • Deduct your maid’s salary.

If the housemaid wants to go back to her country, the employer will need buy her flight ticket and process her Exit Memo (COM), and to pay her vacation pay leave as per the contract.

If the housemaid wants to continue to work, the employer needs to renew her work permit as well as her work contract. The best is for the employer to contact the agency for proper advice.

As an employer, you must provide the basic necessities to your maid(s):

  • Enough food.
  • Enough rest.
  • Proper place to rest & sleep.
  • Medical attention & needs.
  • Basic hygiene & toiletries items.
  • Understanding of the culture and feelings of the maid(s).

In addition, Employers are governed by the terms & conditions of the maid employment contract signed with the Immigration.

Patience and sufficient advice. Protection and safety.

About Managing a Housemaid

The employer should find time to sit down with the housemaid to understand her problem, and the employer should try to see how to help the housemaid to solve the problem. In necessary, the employer can contact the agency for advice.

The employer should buy medicine for the housemaid or bring her to see a doctor if necessary. In addition, the housemaid should be given more rest to recover.

The employer should contact the agency to arrange for a counselling session

The employer should at all time-

  • Give her time to adjust to your home and family, and allow her more time to learn and meet your requirements for the work scope
  • Respect and treat the maid well.
  • Make her happy in your home – a happy maid makes a good maid.
  • Be strict but fair to her.
  • Have a realistic expectation from the maid – the fact that they are only humans, they can only do as much as you can.
  • Set certain rules for her to follow in your home.

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