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Established in 2002, we are Malaysia’s leading maid agency that helps employers hire the most suitable domestic helpers for them. We take pride in offering professional services that are reliable, consistent, and efficient. With a total of 10,000 domestic workers successfully brought into Malaysia by us to date, our mission is to ease the burdens of Malaysian citizens with our expertise.

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Why Choose Innovedge Innovedge Innovedge

Over 20 Years Of Experience

Our company’s long proven track record in supplying domestic helpers had given us the edge against others as we always put our customers and domestic helpers at the heart/centre of everything we do.

Trustworthy & Reliable

We always be with our clients at each step of the way, matching the right domestic helper with the right employer is what we do.

Extensive Selection Process

We do our best to get highly suitable and trained domestic helpers who are physically, mentally and emotionally prepared to work with you, and of course we provides extensive areas of checks to meet your needs

Low Runaway Rate

We has a proven track record of very low rate of runaway maid with less than 1%. We are committed to only provide high quality domestic helpers to our customers and we provide free counselling to minimize unforeseen circumstances.

Professional & Customised Services

We provide end-to-end professional services, and we seek to deliver customize solutions to meet the unique requirement of every of our clients, ensuring them a peace of mind experience.

Certified and Awarded

We are awarded Top 3 Maid Agency in Malaysia by the Phillipines Embassy and also received an Appreciation Letter from both the Philippines and Indonesian Embassy for protecting the domestic helper’s rights and welfare.

Our Recognitions

Let the Numbers Speak

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Let the Numbers Speak

Housemaids Processed
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Happy Families Served
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Looking for your desired helper? 


View biodatas that are comprehensive and strictly selected with a video interview of each helper.



Looking for your desired helper? View biodatas that are comprehensive and strictly selected with a video interview of each helper.

Housemaid Agency Services

At Innovedge – the leading housemaid agency in Malaysia, we offer extensive housemaid services relating to maids from the Indonesia and Philippines. From processing and application of your desired helper to counselling sessions catered to your needs, Innovedge Maid Agency is dedicated in giving you our best. Not sure where to start? Here are all the services our maid agency offer:

FOMEMA Medical, Insurance & SOCSO Services

It is mandatory for maids in Malaysia to be covered by sufficient insurance coverage for the duration of the maid’s employment period.

What Our Clients Say

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Innovedge's Promise To You

As the leading Maid Agency in Malaysia, we understand the importance of providing reliable and trustworthy domestic helpers to meet your household needs. Our meticulous process ensures that we match you with the most suitable candidate, providing peace of mind and satisfaction throughout your engagement with us.

Consultation &
Needs Assessment

We begin by conducting a comprehensive consultation to understand your specific requirements for housemaid in Malaysia.

Our experienced consultants will discuss your household needs, including tasks, schedules, and any special considerations.

Candidate Selection &
Screening Through Maid Biodata

Our team employs a rigorous selection and screening process to identify candidates for Malaysia maid who meet your criteria.


We conduct thorough background checks, verifying employment history, references, and any relevant qualifications. Only candidates who meet our high standards for reliability, professionalism, and suitability are recommended to you.


We also offer a wide variety of maid Biodata from the Philippines and Indonesia where you will be able to view the background of the maid in full detail.

Training & Orientation

Prior to placement, selected candidates for housemaid in Malaysia undergo comprehensive training and orientation programs.

Our training covers essential skills such as household chores, childcare, elderly care, and communication.

We ensure that all domestic helpers are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to perform their duties effectively.

Ongoing Support & Feedback

As one of the top maid agency in Kuala Lumpur, our commitment to excellence extends beyond placement, as we provide ongoing support throughout the employment period.


We encourage open communication and welcome feedback from both clients and domestic helpers.

Connect With INNOVEDGE

The Best Among Maid Agencies in Malaysia

Our team is readily available to address any concerns regarding Housemaids in Malaysia or provide assistance whenever needed, ensuring a positive and productive relationship.
At Innovedge Maid, our process is designed to prioritize your satisfaction and peace of mind. From initial consultation to ongoing support, we strive to exceed your expectations and deliver exceptional service every step of the way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The process will take at least 2-3 months upon confirmation of the Malaysia maid candidate to process. The time frame depends on many factors so the process time is very subjective.

The following are the steps to hire a housemaid:

  1. Selection of candidates for maids in Malaysia
  2. Deposit payment upon confirmation of candidate
  3. Employer to send Job Offer for housemaid to sign back
  4. Selected housemaid will proceed for passport and medical
  5. In the meantime, employer to sign all forms and prepare documents required by the immigration
  6. Once all documents complete from housemaid and employer, agency will submit application to Immigration
  7. After getting approval from Immigration, Housemaid agency will process the work contract at the embassy
  8. Then the housemaid will comply all requirements in her country before her flight to Malaysia.

Innovedge provide comprehensive and detail biodata of the candidates, and every candidate has an interview video for the employer to view before confirmation. Upon request, we can arrange personal online interview with the housemaid in Malaysia.

The 2 main things that the Immigration concern will be the active income of the employer and also the reason to hire the housemaid. The reasons accepted by the Immigration will be to do household work for big house, to take care of young children and to take care of elderly or sick patients. Please contact the housemaid agency for an up-to-date check list of the Immigration.

Unlimited years subjected to a mutual agreement between the employer and the maid, and follow the latest government rules and regulations. The employer is responsible to renew the work permit every year and renew the work contract every 2 years.

The warranty given by the agency is 3 months, which covers medical, performance and runaway

As an employer, you must provide the basic necessities to your maid(s) in Malaysia:

  • Enough food.
  • Enough rest.
  • Proper place to rest & sleep.
  • Medical attention & needs.
  • Basic hygiene & toiletries items.
  • Understanding of the culture and feelings of the maid(s).

In addition, Employers are governed by the terms & conditions of the maid employment contract signed with the Immigration.

The employer should at all time-

  • Give the housemaid in Malaysia time to adjust to your home and family, and allow her more time to learn and meet your requirements for the work scope
  • Respect and treat the maid well.
  • Make her happy in your home – a happy maid makes a good maid.
  • Be strict but fair to her.
  • Have a realistic expectation from the maid – the fact that they are only humans, they can only do as much as you can.
  •  Set certain rules for her to follow in your home.

The approval from the Immigration will take from 2 weeks to 6 weeks. It may take longer if there are some unexpected problems.

Please choose your preferred country:

Please choose your preferred country: